How to Record Guitar videos for Instagram and Youtube Guitarguts

​This is my recording set up for my Instagram videos. I get a lot of questions about this so I decided I would show you guys.
My chain is as follows: Guitar into amp, then I use a Sennheiser e609 microphone, into my Alesis 8-channel mixer. I use the analog outputs via RCA into a digital interface. Roland 1-UG model. That has a USB plug into my computer and a headphone jack. I take the headphone jack, and plug that into my headphone amplifier, so I can kick the level up, and also split out to 4 headphones.
I take the USB audio into my computer, and use Guitar Tracks Pro 4 to record and mix all my audio. I add my backing tracks (downloaded from YouTube) in here as well.
Then I export my audio into an MP3 and normalize the audio signals so they are loud enough.
For the video, I use either an iPhone 8+ or an iPhone 6+. I copy all my video files onto my video editing computer, as well as my MP3 from my audio program. This is where I mix the two together, using Adobe Premiere Pro. Then I export that file into an MP4 video file and copy it to my Dropbox account. I can then export from Dropbox to my iPhone, and upload to Instagram from there.
It’s a lot of work, and you just love doing it or you’ll never be able to consistently put out content. Still wanna be an Instagram guitarist???

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